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    Who is Zendo?

    Zendo is a company that originated in Zug Switzerland and built a reputation of specializing in quality dental restorative material lines and burs.  HANSAmed Limited was pleased to acquire all Zendo assets back in 2019. For the past 25 years, our personal commitment to customers is to meet or exceed expectations with the right products at competitive prices. We strongly believe we stand by our commitment with the Zendo product line.

    Zendo offers comparable, superior (or sometimes even the exact same) European made technologies vs. the biggest companies in the industry and offers them to you at a fraction of the cost, direct through

    Proven European technologies at a fraction of the cost. 
    Zendo products are exclusively sold, distributed and managed by HANSAmed Limited.

    How do we do offer the best price?

    We stand behind what we say with such conviction because:
    • HANSAmed Limited is approaching 30 years of successfully servicing the dental community.
    • We have strengthened relationship with Zendo manufacturers 
    • We consistently pursue improving your e-store experience

    By doing so we continue passing the savings directly to you.

    Yours truly,
    Maik Rehfeldt
    CEO, HANSAmed Limited

    Who is HANSAmed?

    HANSAmed Limited is a specialty pharmaceutical and medical device distributor; serving the needs
    of the Canadian dental professional community, while focusing on meeting the specialized education
    and product-related needs of oral and maxillofacial surgeons, periodontists, general practitioners, and hygienists.


    To serve our community and better the lives of dental patients.


    Our personal commitment to you is to meet or exceed your expectations with the right products at competitive prices.
    We will actively provide you with the latest knowledge and benefits of using our products and services.
    We take pride in our work and encourage every opportunity to challenge ourselves to achieve excellence.